Remember when Obama talked about fundamentally transforming America? Well the transformation attempts didn’t stop after he departed the White House. Here is a selection of three articles exposing the left’s plan to destroy your city and the rest of America and most people have no idea what is going on!

Right here in our local C&G newspaper, Black Lives Matter is going to be helping run your city.

Leftists Colonization

Diversity Discussed

Proposal passes first hurdle

REPOST: The most diverse nation on earth needs no reminder of just how ethnically diverse it is. What bears reminding, is the need for all ethnically diverse comers to assimilate into American culture and society. Assimilation is our strength – from many, one.

This article from 2007 in the Canada Free Press by J.B. Williams is a good read for everyone.

Sterling Heights is Rotting From the Top Down

The secular progressives firmly in control of the city protest and assault THEIR OWN peaceful CITIZENS then yield like cowards to the local muslim mafia.

This blog is a small effort to expose their betrayal.

And yes, that includes YOU, accidental mayor Michael Taylor.

Lawyer/Pajama Boy/Mayor of Sterling Heights signs Black Lives Matter/Obama pledge

Black Lives Matter (BLM) is an assembly of political activists that includes: Nation of Islam (Farrakhan) and the New Black Panther Party (NBPP), all working with ultra violent Antifa (a designated terrorist group) to fundamentally transform America through violence and intimidation.

Is Taylor advocating the overthrow of our Constitutional Republic?

10 Reasons to Never Support Black Lives Matter – Read More…

But wait, it’s much worse than those 10 reasons and before you succumb to baseless accusations of racism, consider the following:

Black Lives Matter was created as a part of the Chinese communist organization operating in the United States called Freedom Road Socialist Organization. Listen as UTT Vice President John Bennett lays it out.

CLICK and View the explosive VIDEO UNCOVERING…

“It’s no shock that Mike Taylor is supporting Joe Biden for President, after all he is not really a Republican. No fiscally-minded conservative would ever spend $340,000 of taxpayer money on a modern art ‘landmark’ which has been compared to a ‘golden butthole’. Clearly, Mike Taylor is nothing more than a political opportunist. Just two months ago, Taylor accepted an invitation to the White House and praised thePresident. He then praised Mayor Pete. Then praised Michael Bloomberg.”

– Michigan Republican Party Chair    Laura Cox, Lansing, Mich., March 11, 2020 Read more…

Is Taylor advocating the overthrow of our Constitutional Republic?

Local Muslim Imam from IONA Mosque and promoted by the City of Sterling Heights, proclaims:

“Allah revealed Islam to the Prophet Muhammad so that it could be made to prevail over all man-made non-Islamic systems of law and government, including liberal democracy, Communism, socialism, and the laws of “We, the People” that are currently in countries such as the United States.”

Read more/Watch the Video…

Hackel asks DC for More Refugees

Hackel asks DC for More Refugees

You would expect a former Sheriff living post-911 would be better informed instead of shooting off his mouth on things he clearly has no clue about. The other option could be that he is one of the Enemies Within. Hackel was recently on the Frank Beckman radio show stating refugees CAN be vetted when the FBI clearly states they CANNOT.

Hackel – Beckmann Interview PodCast 1/9/20
PROOF: CLICK HERE: FBI Cannot Vet, No way to Screen
Shocking: Here is what happens as a result



Refugee program costs US taxpayers $125 billion over ten years
GOOD READ: The Enemies Within

Ideological Dementia

Michael Taylor Endorses Democrats

Michael Taylor, a Republican Precinct Delegate, endorses Democrats like socialist Levin and do-nothing Yanez?

Does Taylor Have Ideological DEMENTIA?

Visioning 2030

Michael Taylor Endorses Democrats

Visioning 2030: Re-Branded Socialism – Read More

Accidental Mayor Michael Taylor makes some very interesting comments to a resident who very much wished to pass on some information. By the sound of things, that information was vital. Watch how the mayor handled it.

Mayor Michael Taylor’s “reign” has been disaster from the start. From a total capitulation to the muslim mafia in the as yet undecided mosque building project to the verbal abuse of constituents to his ignorance of history and fawning support of the militant LGBTQ-ABCDEF agenda, it is clear that this man and his cronies on the council must be voted OUT.

Mayor is Angry

Mayor is Angry

Mayor is STILL Angry

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