Elections Matter: VOTE NOVEMBER 3rd 2015 for REGIME CHANGE!

A citizen and registered voter of Sterling Heights submitted this piece to the blog for your consideration.

Have citizens noted that many elected officials from Washington, D.C. to tiny townships, have adopted, or have attempted to adopt, agendas which are nothing short of arrogant overreach?

There is growing tendency for many who are in public service positions to greatly miscalculate the scope and function of those positions. Too many seem to think that their duties include projecting motives onto their constituents and then making and imposing laws to enforce their own presumptuous “cures”. Some of those employed by the taxpayers are insisting that they also have not only the right, but the duty, to slander and bring to ruin (by judicial tyranny of various types) every constituent/taxpayer who dares to disagree with their oppressive opinions and laws. This is what tyrants do. It is NOT, and NEVER intended to be, within range of functions or scope of power of public servants in a representative republic.

Why would any public servant work to destroy a free representative form of government and replace it with a dictatorship? Do these people – who are paid from the taxes of those they wish to subjugate – not realize that they are destroying the limb on which they and their posterity are sitting?

Should city council members, or any official with any governmental authority, have the power to insist upon absolute capitulation to their demands to pass legislation that undermines, abridges or removes unalienable rights from one segment of our society in order to grant special favors to a preferred segment?

Do citizens understand the urgency of preventing any and all out-of-the-line employees from modifying and redefining the terms and limitations of their power relative to their official duties as outlined in our state Constitution as well as the United States Constitution?