The current city council consisting of an appointed Mayor and a councilperson has been running roughshod over the electorate.  It is their job to represent, to serve, NOT control or rule over us. Nevertheless, they just can’t seem to stop themselves from doing exactly that.

In the history of the city, these individuals have collectively been the most divisive body in the history of the city.


  1. Persecution of religious petitioners attempting to repeal an unpopular ordinance as reported by this blog.
  2. Officials breaking their oath to uphold, protect and defend the Constitution instead impede petitioners, clearly violating Article 1 as reported by this blog.
  3. Smart Meters – Citizens have been completely ignored time after time when trying to raise issues of privacy and valid, serious health concerns. Smart meters emit radio frequency radiation that has been proven to cause detrimental health issues.
  4. 15 Mile Mosque – the 15 mile Mosque has created an even greater divide in the community thanks for the complete lack of wisdom, experience and leadership in the city.


In 1971, infamous radical Saul Alinsky wrote the book “Rules for Radicals”. Many left-wing radical activists across the country and certainly many of the Sterling Heights leaders and employees are following this guide.

Anyone who disagrees with this Band of Bullies and Blogger Cronies – some of which WORK for the city – is subjected to vicious attacks, demonizing and total disrespect for the people they took an oath to serve.

Rules for Radicals will no longer work in this community. Change is coming November 3rd 2015.

VOTE INFORMED November 3rd!