Approximately 30 minutes after un-elected Supreme Court Justices hi-jacked the US Constitution, un-elected, appointed Mayor Michael Taylor wasted no time in pandering to the LGBT agenda…

It would appear that taxpayer funded city property is now being utilized to fully promote the LGBT agenda as evidenced by Appointed Mayor Michael Taylor’s recent Facebook post.

In the Appointed Mayor’s words via Instagram:

“Tonight was a perfect night for a wedding. Congrats to Stacy and Lydia! ‪#‎HereComeTheBrides”


At least one of these individuals appear to be pregnant based on the bump AND the hand placement. Here are a couple of articles that discuss this.

Growing Up With Two Moms: The Untold Children’s View

The Kids Are Not Alright: A Lesbian’s Daughter Speaks Out


Of course this should come as no surprise after the Appointed Mayor’s previous Facebook postings…

“Great news from the Supreme Court this morning. If your church won’t marry you, come to Sterling Heights City Hall and I’ll marry you there!”