Time after time we see instances of infiltration throughout our society by the agents of Islam. This year Michigan faces the next level in this assault upon our country and way of life. Now is your time learn about this very real threat before it is too late and you can start with Michigan’s race for Governor.

Before we go into it it is important to understand some key words and concepts. Look at the following image. Dawah; Jihad; Ummah.

Eveyone knows jihad and mostly the violent type. There is also civilization jihad, which is conversion from within the host civilization by various means.

DAWAH: The duty to conquer

JIHAD: Means and methods of conquering

UMMAH: Unity; the entire world under Islam

From theunitedwest.org:

“As the cadre of Sharia-compliant political candidates grows across America per Janet Levy’s recent article, Muslim Brotherhood Political Infiltration on Steroids, and Clare Lopez’s warning regarding the threat of political Islam, there is an increasing need for voters to question candidates on their positions regarding Sharia. Michigan is a case in point”

Quoting Clare Lopez’s warning regarding the threat of political Islam:

“Self-described devout Muslim and son of Egyptian immigrant parents, Abdul El-Sayed, has substantial connections to the Muslim Brotherhood and is running for Governor of Michigan. A medical doctor who served as the Executive Director of the Detroit Health Department at age 30, his background includes serving as vice president of his MSA chapter at the University of Michigan during his college years. His wife, Sarah Jukaku, who is described as “a mental health doctor,” wears a hijab. His father-in-law is a former president and current board member of CAIR Michigan.”

Congress Must Take Action.
America’s Security is at stake.

In some countries such as Russia and even MUSLIM MAJORITY countries such as Egypt and the United Arab Emirates, the Muslim Brotherhood is a DESIGNATED TERRORIST ORGANIZATION.

CAIR was an un-indicted co-conspirator in the infamous Holy Land trial. Janet Levy covers this more deeply saying:

“For several decades, this well-organized and well-funded effort to subvert our constitutional republic and replace it with an Islamic government under Islamic law has focused on infiltrating all levels and branches of the U.S. government. More recently, the Muslim Brotherhood presence within the American political landscape has intensified, accelerated, and become more visible with the establishment of several nonprofit political action organizations. The Muslim Brotherhood stated goal of transforming American society from within in preparation for an eventual takeover is clearly moving forward fueled by the efforts of these groups and their burgeoning success within the umma or Muslim community.”

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Do you want to see a potential agent of the Muslim Brotherhood being Governor? The father-in-law’s position as previous Michigan CAIR President and current board member? Questions need to be asked. Vetting needs to be done.

Does this concern you?

You Decide.